San Isidro Murals 2018

I say this every year, but the new murals painted on the walls of houses in the barrio of San Isidro, Orihuela, never fail to impress. Every year new tributes to the town’s famous poet, Miguel Hernández, are created giving this little visited part of the town a very unique vibe.

San Isidro Murals 2018

The first murals were painted in 1976 as a protest against the establishment at the beginning of the transition to democracy. When I visited in 2017 I began to wonder how they could continue to improve the murals which have been touched up and expanded annually since 2012.

San Isidro Murals 2018

Well, they have succeeded in doing both. Your visit now is a little bit more than the stroll up and down a few streets that it once was. The murals extend throughout the barrio so keep an eye out as you drive in and don’t forget to explore down almost every side street.

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I also still heartily recommend Casa Diego for a spot of lunch.  Located right at the heart of the murals, their empanadas continue to tick all the boxes for me, and I have not been paid or given incentives to say this!!

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