San Isidro Murals 2017

The Murals of San Isidro, Orihuela, get better and better each year. On the anniversary of the death of local poet Miguel Hernandez, who died from tuberculosis in prison in 1942, artists come from far and wide to touch up the old murals and paint new ones.

When these murals were first created, they covered houses in just a few streets. As new ones are added each year, the area is getting quite extensive. It is no longer the 30 minute wander around a few streets it was in 2015 (see picture below), but now it is a couple of hours exploration of the entire San Isidro barrio.

If art is your thing, the San Isidro murals are something you really cannot afford to miss. Have a look at my slideshow of the new additions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While you are in the neighbourhood I can really recommend that you call into Casa Diego. This friendly bar serves up the most amazing empenadas, and the morcilla de verano was like nothing I’ve ever eaten before. Far from the blood sausage you may expect from a morcilla, this was vegetarian heaven!

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