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The Murals of San Isidro, Orihuela

Some days you visit a place and you just can’t wait to get home, process your photos and write about the experience. The barrio of San Isidro in the town of Orihuela is one such place. I have been completely blown away by the visual feast that I have gorged on today.

San Isidro

Back in 1976 the good people of Orihuela felt freed from the shackles of the newly defunct dictatorship. In celebration, San Isidro’s population, often marginalised and certainly poor, decided to decorate their houses but the Guardia Civil were not in such a joyous mood and felt the need to prevent them from doing so. People power won the day and soon the barrio was alive with colour and newfound freedom.

Mural on San Isidro House

Today you can wander the streets for hours admiring these works of art. Some are clearly political, others an expression of hope and optimism or reflections on the past. Quite a few are inspired by the work of Orihuela’s famous poet, Miguel Hernández, who died in prison just after the end of the civil war. It is believed he died of the pneumonia he contracted thanks to the brutal prison regime of the time. Quotes from his poems adorn several of the murals.

Murals on San Isidro Houses

Wandering aimlessly around a district like San Isidro can be a bit intimidating for some people. It’s not difficult to see that you are in one of the poorer areas of town but a friendly “Hola” goes a long way and we found the people there nothing short of friendly. The Town Hall do run guided tours if you feel the need for such assistance.

A map to find the right area would have been an idea as we nearly gave up and went home, so here you are! If you would like to read more then Valencia Today published a very good article in December 2013. Alternatively, just enjoy my photos – be patient and wait for the widget to load as I have uploaded about 20 piuctures!

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4 thoughts on “The Murals of San Isidro, Orihuela

  1. Sandra Piddock

    I’ve wandered around there too. Last time we were there, we met a couple of lads fighting cockerels. Didn’t particularly like it, but hey, it was what they did, so I didn’t say anything. They asked if we wanted to take photos, but we said no. Got the feeling they would have wanted us to pay for the privilege. Loving your new blog, Russ x

  2. Catherine

    I visited here today, after reading this page. I’d like to thank you, both for the great webpage and also for this recommendation. It was fantastic, a truly brilliant and thought provoking experience. I took over a 100 pictures, still not seeing it all. Leaving early as children were leaving school. Not the best to be lens pointing.

    I will certainly be returning to visit the museum and see the remaining sites.

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