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Triple Brew- Delicious Craft Ale in Rojales

From the outside, Rojales’ newest bar looks like any other. Step inside though, and be prepared to immerse yourself in a magical world of craft ales, some made on site, and wonderful food barbecued over an open fire. This and much more is waiting for you at Triple Brew in the heart of Rojales, and it’s all thanks to the combined talents of Faith from New Zealand and her German husband Michael.

The entrance on Calle San Antonio, just a few steps from the Carlos III bridge, leads to the wine bar area. To be honest, it was a bit pink for me, but the warm welcome we received soon overcame any doubts we may have had. Just a quick glance at the extensive menu demonstrated the quality of international wines and beers on offer, and hinted at the gastronomic delights we had yet to discover.

We were quickly shown through to the cave room where the hoppy magic happens. Three beer stills wait ready to serve you their home made craft ales. I’m told there are more stills to come allowing a greater variety of made-on-site choices. There are also plenty of bottles and cans but we decided that home made was best.

Over the evening we all settled for the 4 Elements IPA which is made with a blend of four different types of hops. Our wonderful hosts did allow us to have a taste of the others though. Pumpkin Ale was brewed, as you might have guessed, for Halloween and it had a distinct flavour which was a little sweet for me, although not unpleasant. The Breakfast Stout was something else though. It was like dessert in a beer glass. Luckily we only had a taste in a shot glass, and that is probably the right measure. The delicious assault of the tastebuds was delightful with chocolate, vanilla and Nutella all combining with a rich imperial stout. I hope they decide to serve it as a dessert beer in the future as I can’t really see anyone managing a larger serving.

Beyond the cave is another place where magic happens. The dining area and outdoor terrace are very comfortable. An open fire roars on one side and is the perfect place for your kebabs (chicken, beef, prawn or vegetable) and sausages (bratwurst or chorizo) to be cooked. Everything was absolutely perfect and the side salads just complemented the main courses with expert precision. Faith’s home-made garlic-chilli-cheese bread was another assault on the tastebuds – one that will be repeated in the near future I am sure. We didn’t even get around to ordering the German pretzel bread which had caught my eye first of all! The meal was finished off with some lovely cupcakes and a surprisingly small bill. We have since been back many times and their standards have not dropped one bit.

Covid-19 has naturally changed the opening hours of all establishments. Triple Brew will be opening from 12 noon until 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the time being. What are you waiting for? Go there now! Maybe we’ll see you there!!!

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