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El Almacen – A Wonderful Wine Bar in Daya Vieja

Everyone needs a wonderful wine bar within walking distance, right? Well, now we have one. Thanks to Rafa Vives and his team at El Almacén Wine Bar, we can stroll out for a glass of top quality vino at very reasonable prices whenever we want. Dangerous!

The bar opened in October 2021 and judging by the video, the first night was a lot of fun. Why weren’t we invited???!!! This place is a breath of fresh air to wine lovers in the Vega Baja. Of course, they have a beer fridge too, but why go to a wine bar to drink beer?! Inside there are comfortable sofas, tables and chairs, and a few stools in the shape of cava corks. There is also a covered patio with wooden tables perfect for groups.

The friendly staff are on hand to help you select your perfect wine from their huge list of 100 bottles. Each is available by the glass too, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Rafa was also the perfect host, pouring to perfection when we shared a bottle of delicious cava among our group. Incidentally, “The Owner” as seen in this picture is Rafa’s father.

As I said, there are a hundred bottles of wine to choose from. It’s going to take some time, so perhaps you’d like to order some to take home! Prior to opening the bar, Rafa had 20 years experience in the wine trade working with some of the best wineries in Spain. His company, Gavinoven, have learned the trade through supplying the HORECA (hotel, restaurant and cafe) sector for a long time now. Finally, it’s your turn to benefit from their expertise and hospitality.

El Almacén is bound to become a local favourite for everyone very quickly. It really is that good, as anyone in our group would testify. I really can’t wait to go back again.

The bar can be found on the main street running through Daya Vieja. They are open from 12:00 until 00:30 every day except Mondays when they have a lie in and open at 15:00. With no kitchen, meals are not available, but cold cuts of meat, cheese and tinned fish will be there for you if you wish to nibble on something whilst you enjoy your drink.

Oh, and as you are now going to visit Daya Vieja you really should know more about the Palm Observatory just up the road. It’s a landmark that you can’t miss but will wonder why on Earth it is there! Read more about it on our blog.

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