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  1. Peter Hutcheon
    March 2, 2024 @ 10:23 am

    We walked the Via Verde backwards, which worked really well.
    We got a taxi from Alicante to the end point (22km) –
    Drop off address – Restaurant Xirau, A77, KM482, 03109, Tibi – a footpath leads from the services under the motorway to the start point on the opposite side – then the train track walk starts. At the 5km point we left the trail and walked into Agost – a few beers in the Europa Bar while waiting for a taxi back to Alicante – irregular buses run from Agost to Alicante.
    This worked really well for us and is all down hill, with better return options to Alicante from Agost, rather than the end point, which basically is in the middle of nowhere !
    Loved the walk – Enjoy


  2. anythingbutpaella
    July 11, 2024 @ 2:42 pm

    Sounds like an amazing plan for next time. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed it.


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