Street Art Exhibition in Cartagena

If, like me, you like a bit of street art, you should head to Cartagena, Murcia, as soon as you can. Why? Well, there’s an incredible exhibition at the Modern Art Museum (MURAM) featuring 79 works of art. The problem is, it’s only on until June 30th! So, best get your skates on!!

The artwork is displayed over four floors. Have a look at the information on the ground floor then take the lift up to the third and make your way back down. A visit will probably take you an hour if you really enjoy this style of art.

From the artist with the tag “PEZ” (FISH), Barcelona.

Work from artists of all nations are there to see. Alongside each displayed piece is an informative plaque about the artist, but one criticism is that there is no information about the work of art itself. Street art often has a story to accompany it and its a shame that those stories are not told.

The whole exhibition is visually stunning. Please enjoy a selection of pictures and make sure you make a special journey to see them for yourself in Cartagena.

If you are looking for accommodation while you are in Cartagena, the Habaneros is very close to the museum. A personal favourite though is the B&B Hotel which is also very central for bars and restaurants in the evening.

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