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The Murals of Los Alcázares

Los Alcázares is a town on the Murcian coast which most people would drive straight past as they drive towards Cartagena, Alicante or Mar Menor. There is a very good reason for stopping off for a wander around – the murals.

Los Alcazares Murals

A few years ago a group of artists from La Compañía De Mario decided their town needed a bit of sprucing up. They got together a team of 70 artists and set about painting murals around the town. Now there are so many that it is practically impossible to get around and see them all. A handy map has been produced and you can download it here.


We parked up in a few locations to see clusters of murals. They were not hard to find as they are massive! The local tourist office sometimes organise a guided bike tour to show you the best of the 140 murals which adorn houses over the entire town. Hopefully this slideshow of 40 of the murals will inspire you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The murals have been featured in a magazine specialising in street art and graffiti, On/off the Wall. So, what are you waiting for? Go stretch your legs and see this amazing open air art gallery.


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