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Jamones Rute

Vegetarians look away now! Jamones Rute is a small museum dedicated to the production of the Spanish staple snack – jamon. Let’s not call it ham, as that does not do it justice at all! Situated in the town of Rute, Andalucia, the museum is a great opportunity to see how one of Spain’s iconic delicacies is made. From the outside it appears to be nothing more than a local deli, but step inside to discover a whole new perspective on jamon.

Jamones RuteIf you are visiting by yourself, just ask one of the ladies behind the counter to turn the lights on for you. Then, illustrative tiles lead you round the museum showing you different rural scenes all involving pigs, farmers, and, yes, jamon.

Jamones Rute

It’s not just about jamon though. Sausages also feature prominently. You can even see the machines which were used to hand produce sausages.

Jamones RuteLike in so many museums in Spain, there is a collection of old black and white photos. This wonderful display of how life used to be could only be made better by telling the viewer in which year they were taken!

Jamones RuteAfter viewing all of the exhibits, make sure you buy some of the local produce. Entry to the museum is free so why not take away a tasty meat treat instead of paying. I can highly recommend the morcilla blanco, a meaty yellowish-white sausage that will leave you salivating for more!

Jamones Rute

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