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Hotel del Oso for a special celebration

When the time comes to celebrate a momentous occasion, we’re always looking for a special place that doesn’t blow our budget. If you want to stay somewhere memorable in Cantabria, look no further! Hotel del Oso has everything you could need.

Hotel del Oso

Mrs Paella and I recently celebrated our Silver wedding anniversary. 25 magical years of marital bliss have included many travels to exotic locations, but to mark this special day we wanted to find an exceptional place in Spain. We actually saw Hotel del Oso in a travel magazine and that usually sets alarm bells ringing for a place being overpriced or service being disappointing for what you pay. Well, we are happy to report that Hotel del Oso lived up to and exceeded all of our expectations. (We haven’t received any benefit at all for this report. It’s straight from the heart.)

Stunning surroundings

Set in the tiny village (or hamlet even) of Cosgaya in the heart of the Cantabrian Picos de Europa, you are sure of a warm welcome whatever the time of year. Greeting us at the door was the sight of their beautiful and enormous St Bernard dog who ignores all guests no matter who they are! The hotel is located in two equally wonderful buildings across the road from one another. Our room was upstairs in the main building with a view of the swimming pool and the mountains stretching high above the lush valley below. We didn’t brave the pool but others did and their delight suggested we had missed a trick.

Enjoying the pool

We took a short walk through Cosgaya admiring the majestic scenery. It is a truly stunning location. On our return to the hotel we took a siesta, of course. The rooms are far too comfortable to miss that essential part of Spanish life out! Well rested, we then sat and enjoyed a beer in the bar before heading to the restaurant where a sumptuous menu awaited us.


Their cocidos (stews) were delicious and one bowl would really have been enough between us but we had one each to try both versions. Not sure we ever need to eat another bean or chickpea in our lives! These hearty dishes were amazing and there was plenty of meat among the legumes. We followed that up with some delightful fish and then some amazing chocolate dessert, all washed down with some excellent local wine. To our delight we were then presented with a small box of chocolates and a lovely 3D card in the shape of a bear as gratitude for spending our anniversary there.

Hearty mountain stew

The hotel is well located for exploring the Picos de Europa. The following morning we were disappointed to find the view of the mountains obscured by low cloud. Patience is a virtue though, and by the time we had made the most of the incredible breakfast spread, the clouds were lifting and we were able to think about our plans for a cable car ride to the top.

Waiting for the clouds to clear

Needless to say, we highly recommend this hotel. Hopefully one day we’ll have the chance to go back. With a bit of luck it will be before our Golden (50th) anniversary!!

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