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Helado a la Plancha

Helado a la Plancha, stir fried ice cream, or ice cream rolls – call it what you will. Sounds weird, doesn’t it! Strange as it may seem, you can try this delicious snack in a few places around Spain now, and one of my good friends, Marc, has put his entrepreneurial skills to good use by setting up stall in Guardamar del Segura.

Helado a al Plancha

Inspired by what he had seen on trips to Nepal, Marc has set up his stall on the edge of the children’s fair and the night market. There you must wait patiently in a queue as his ice cream rolls are labour intensive, but their bespoke flavours are well worth the wait. It’s not difficult to wait as you’ll be entertained just watching him create miracles before your very eyes.

Helados a la Plancha

It is believed this extraordinary way of preparing and serving ice cream originated in Thailand. Liquid ice cream is poured onto a deep chilled metal plate, the polar (pun intended!) opposite of a hot plate. Your chosen ingredients are then chopped into the mixture as it gradually sets. You can choose from all manner of fruit, or treat yourself to some well known brands of chocolates and biscuits. It’s entirely up to you. Your ice cream will be continually chopped, stirred and mixed until it is ready to be spread thinly across the cold plate. Then it is beautifully carved into rolls and placed into a pot for your sweet tooth to devour.

Helado a la PlanchaHelado a la Plancha is not the cheapest ice cream you could order. At €4 a portion, the price may put you off a little. Think about it though: it is innovative, labour intensive and essentially a bespoke ice cream recipe made to your very own tastes.

Still not sure? Head to Guardamar and see for yourself! Here’s a map to help you find the right place. Enjoy!

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