European Cricket League

HOWZAT?!! The smell of freshly mown grass and the sound of leather on willow. Yes, folks, the summer is here and that means the cricket season too! Forget the ICC Cricket World Cup, it’s almost over anyway. Don’t even think about the ECB County Championship unless you have your brolly close at hand. No, here in Spain we are about to host the inaugural European Cricket League!

If you are a fan of cricket, get down to La Manga Club, Murcia, any time between the 29th and 31st of July. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see what is (for some reason) being dubbed as the Champions League of the cricket world. The champions of Denmark , Russia, Spain, Romania, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands will all be vying to become the first ever European champions. I know, I know, there’s no team from England, Scotland or Ireland for that matter, but there are plenty of players from established cricketing countries playing for the participating teams. You can read some of their profiles on Facebook.

So, get yourself down to La Manga and don’t miss the thrills and spills as eight teams vie to become the first cricketing Kings of Europe.

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