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Els Pontets and Penya Negra

There is no shortage of good walking routes around Spain. Close to where we live is the city of Crevillente and this 6km round route is spectacular, fairly easy to do and full of interesting bits and pieces. We have only just realised how to make it a circular route. Previously we have walked all the way up to the archaeological dig at Penya Negra then retraced our steps.

Els Pontets is a good place to leave your car and start the walk. The name means “The Bridges” in English and it’s not difficult to see why. A multi-level viaduct has been (over-) restored and parking is available in a few places nearby. Walk up the road following the CV-108 / CV-109 and admire the views all around you. You are looking for a track on the right hand side that goes towards an open valley floor surrounded by red cliffs. Both of the other walks are much longer and far more strenuous than our little hike! We have done them but we got very lost and had to cut across some farmland to the disgust of a pack of farm dogs. It was a bit on the scary side!!

Once you have made your way all across the valley floor, look for a chain across the road that rises up to the left. That is the track that goes up to the dig at Penya Negra where the Phoenician city of Herna was once located. It winds its way uphill all the way, but take it easy and it won’t be too hard. Some old houses have been discovered and their floor plans have been restored. The highlight though is the beehive-like warehouse which has been rebuilt. From there you can see all the way across the Vega Baja to the Alicante coast.

Continuing on you have a choice of the rough track to the right or the higher elevation to the left. Both lead more or less to the same place, a road which takes you down towards the nearby houses and a return to your vehicle. The road has been improved dramatically in the past few years and is now a favourite climb for local cyclists. A protective wall has also been built to minimise any storm damage.

Once you get down to the houses it’s an easy stroll back to Els Pontets but don’t take your eyes off the scenery. There is a spectacular rock escarpment which glows bright yellow and gets progressively more orange towards sunset. At the right time of year you’ll see a few trees in full blossom too.

We hope you enjoy this walk. The most difficult thing can be driving through the narrow streets of Crevillente to get to the starting point! Hopefully Google Maps will help out a little. Please let us know in the comments how you get on both with finding it, and walking the route.

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