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Crevillente Carpets

Over five years ago I wrote about the potential for tourism in Crevillente and yet here we still are, with the situation more or less the same. In December 2019 the local council began talking about a carpet museum so perhaps there is hope at some stage in the future.

At the moment you can catch a glimpse of what it could be. A small exhibition is taking place in the Centre Jove Juan Antonio Cebrián in the heart of the town. Unfortunately it’s on for such a short time that if you visit after Friday 2 October you’ll be too late. That’s a shame as the historical side of the display is really quite interesting. The carpets themselves are just a display of carpets with no information about them at all. A wasted opportunity but perhaps a taste of what is to come.

Some of the carpets on display are simply stunning. Of course, it’s all a matter of taste, and Mr and Mrs Paella did not agree on everything!!

The old black and white photos on display show the rich heritage of the carpet industry in Crevillente. A bit more narrative would have been appreciated but until that museum opens, you’ll just have to use your imagination!

If you are reading this in time to go, then make sure you wander down the main street through Crevillente to visit some of the Moroccan and Turkish shops. There is a fabulous array of goods on offer. The cafes are good too, with some incredible smells drifting out onto the street.

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