Anything But Paella


In these uncertain times we all need a little something to occupy our minds. Why not try a bit of doodling and colouring? We’ve produced an image we think would be perfect and are asking you to complete this task for FREE! If you enjoy it, then why not follow the rest of the instructions to get your hands on the Anything But Paella Doodle & Colouring Book with 13 high quality line drawings from around Spain. It’s yours for the price of a coffee!

2. Colour it in. Make it personal for you. you could always do this digitally if you want to by right clicking the image at the top of this post and saving it on your computer, then editing it in a paint package.

3. Take a photo (maybe including yourself) and attach it in a comment below. I’m hoping to make a collage or a video if enough people do this!

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

4. OPTIONAL but of course we would be eternally grateful!
Hit the button above, buy me a coffee and I’ll send you a pdf file with some more images of Spain to doodle and colour.

Hope you enjoy this and see it as a welcome distraction from the current situation. I can’t wait to see how you personalise your bulls!

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