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Albi – A beautiful book by Hilary Shepherd

I’ve just finished reading Albi and I feel all emotional!

Albi tells the story of a small village in the north of Spain during the civil war. It is seen through the eyes of Albi, a little boy growing up in troubled times, and also through the memories of Alberto, Albi’s 88-year-old future self. It is, at times, a harrowing tale told in beautiful detail by Hilary Shepherd. Her wonderful writing ensures you will feel as though you knew Albi yourself, and I defy you not to feel emotional as you ride the rollercoaster of his younger years.

I have not been paid for this review and it is totally impartial. I was, however, provided with a free copy of the book to read.

You can buy the book in paperback or Kindle form at Amazon.

In Hilary’s own words, “ordinary people are the essence of my story – the ones who don’t usually get heard.” Well, the ordinary people certainly have a voice here. You can read more about Hilary and her motives and process for writing the book at

The story is set in a fictional Aragon village but readers with a keen eye might spot the ruined church of Belchite on the cover!

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