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Hola Paella fans! As you know I like my photography, and I hope you enjoy the pictures I share on the blog. Well, now I’m asking for your help. It’s just a bit of fun but I could really do with a boost to my ratings in a photography competition. You can also buy cushion covers or prints of the images if you really wanted to, but at £24.95 each, I can understand that you might not want to. The cushions are made from vegan suede apparently! Last time I entered, those who bought were impressed by the quality of the items, so I would expect it to be similar this time. Here are the five pictures I have submitted and I’ll tell you something about each of them in the hope that it inspires you to at least click on the link and hit LIKE! I get 1 point for every LIKE and a massive 100 points for every sale. All of the pictures have been given a cartoon look thanks to

Cadiz Fortifications

In February 2020 we visited the city of Cadiz. It was a fabulous day out and I was particularly taken by this picture I took of one of the city’s fortifications jutting out to sea. Wouldn’t it look fabulous on your wall or on a soft cushion?! Your LIKE would be appreciated here.

Ribadesella Harbour

Ribadesella was an Asturian seaside town which we visited at the end of September 2019. It was a wonderful place to stop and I really loved the colours of the boats at the harbourside with a picturesque backdrop. This picture or cushion would make a superb addition to any lounge! A LIKE here would make me very happy.

Surfing in Mundaka

Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s surfing now, come on a safari with me! Ah, the sound of the Beach Boys rings in my ears when I see this image. This picture was taken on a trip to Mundaka on the Basque coast way back in March 2013. It was a stunning place to visit and if surfing is your thing, you should really head north and take a look. The next best thing of course, would be a cushion or a print of this photo! I’d settle for a LIKE at this page though!!

I Am Sailing

This gorgeous image is of sailing boats on the Mediterranean. It’s quite ironic that I love this topic as I have never been sailing in my life! But, if the yacht sailing crowd is your scene, surely you’d love to have this on your wall or on your armchair whilst you dream of your next trip to sea. In the mean time, you could make my day with a LIKE on this page.

Life’s a Beach

A set of Spanish pictures wouldn’t be complete without a palm tree on a beach, would it?! You can dream of the beach as you sit in your lounge with the comfort of a cushion, or a print hanging up. Alternatively, just LIKE this page and I’ll leave you alone!

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy the pictures. I’ll get extra points if you also head to the Facebook page of Wraptious and hit LIKE on each of the pictures there as well.

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