The Toy Hotel in Ibi

It’s the time of year when you may be looking for something special for your little ones. The Toy Hotel in Ibi may be just what you have been looking for! Every moment from entering the hotel will be a veritable wonderland for them. Even the reception area leaves little to the imagination.

Toy Hotel in Ibi

Located in the centre of Spain’s very own Toy Town, a night in one of the hotel’s many themed rooms will no doubt leave your children either exhausted through toy town overload, or absolutely hyperactive with excitement. They can go to sleep dreaming of Nancy dolls, Playmobil characters or a world of Lego, and when they wake up they will still be living those dreams thanks to the fact that the rooms are chock-a-block with their favourite toys, and the walls are decorated with giant murals to keep the theme going.

The Toy Hotel in Ibi

The rooms all have wifi so the adults can keep their sanity (unless of course, they are joining in the fun!). In the lobby the toys and games theme continues. Football fans can play to their heart’s content at the PS3 football station, and if letters to the Three Kings need to be posted, there’s even a British-style red post box to make sure they arrive in plenty of time.

Whilst you are in Ibi, don’t forget to visit the Toy Museum. It’s just round the corner from the hotel and you can show your family what toys were like before technology took over! Located in an old tin-plate toy factory, every visitor will find something to bring back memories of a happy childhood. This trip down memory lane pays homage to the extensive toy-making industry which still exists in the town today.

This is not a sponsored post. I have not had the pleasure of staying at the hotel, but just stepping inside is a fascinating experience in itself!

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