Teruel – a mudéjar dream

Teruel is a beautiful place to visit. It is particularly famous for its mudéjar architecture. We had previously seen some of this iconic brickwork in nearby Calatayud but in Teruel there are so many examples that you can’t possibly fail to notice it! Even UNESCO recognise the importance of these wonderful buildings which can be found all over the Aragon region.

Teruel’s Mudéjar Architecture

If you are staying on the southern side of the city, you’ll pass over the old stone bridge to reach the centre. The views are quite spectacular. Continue straight ahead and you’ll soon find yourself wowed by a series of plazas. Naturally they are a great place for people watching, grabbing a bite to eat or a glass of refreshment. The picture below shows the Plaza Torico with a large column surrounded by fountains spouting from bulls’ heads. That column is topped by the tiniest sculpture of a bull you could imagine!

Plaza Torico

Head down Calle Nueva and you’ll come to the top of the impressive Paseo del Óvalo. This stunning stairway takes you down to a park leading to the train station. Originally built in 1921 in the mudéjar style, it was restored to its current glory in 2002. If you are arriving by train and don’t fancy the walk up the steps, there is a lift hidden inside the walls. After walking down, we decided to take the easy way back up!

Paseo del Óvalo

Back at the top wander through the maze of narrow, cobbled streets. Along the way look out for Torre de El Salvador. For just €2.50 you can go inside and explore the history of mudéjar architecture and see what life was like when towers like this were in everyday use.

Torre de El Salvador

Also of note is the Mausoleum of the Amantes. €4 will gain you access to the crypt and the audiovisual suite where you can learn all about the romantic story of two star-crossed lovers in the 14th century. All very Romeo and Juliet, and you can read all about it in English here.

Mausoleum of the Amantes

We stayed in the Hotel Isabel de Segura. It was a very comfortable place to stay and an easy 20 minute walk into the centre of Teruel with plenty of parking around too. If you decide to stay in the city, then why not take a ride out to the unusual passenger-free airport nearby?

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