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Montefrío may well mean cold mountain, but it was certainly far from cold when we visited in April. On a glorious sunny day this Andaluz white town is a wonderful place to visit with breathtaking views rewarding a lung-busting climb to the castle!


Winding your way up the streets it’s advisable to take your time as you climb up and up. Pause from time to time to take in the views. It’s definitely worth the effort. At the top are the ruins of the old Castillo de la Villa and a much newer church built on the ancient foundations. There are information boards around pointing out what can be seen and explaining a little of the history of when Montefrío was a frontier town.

Montefrío ruins

As you look across town from the castillo you can’t fail to notice the church with the huge circular dome on top. Iglesia de la Encarnación is an impressive building. You can pay a few euros to climb up the the top of the cupola if you wish. Inside it’s quite plain but the vastness of that perfectly round dome is quite something. It has a diameter of some 30 metres! This circular structure is possibly unique in Spain. At the very least it is extremely rare.


On the far side of the town is the church of San Antonio. It has a wonderful facade and next door is the old convent of the same name. Venture inside the courtyard and you’ll find a really cool cafe and a gift shop. Sitting in the shade of that courtyard sipping a coffee was so relaxing, and it felt like stepping back in time.


To the south of the town the road winds its way into the countryside. A kilometre or so along the way is a viewpoint offering the most famous view of Montefrío. I was quite happy with the photos I took from elsewhere though!


Climbing the hill and wandering through the labyrinthine streets is thirsty work but don’t worry, there are plenty of bars and cafes around to keep you refreshed. I thought La Fonda was lovely. Don’t take my word for it, visit for yourself!!


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