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Lighthouses and Telegraphic Towers

At the southern end of Calella you can’t miss the lighthouse. Getting to it can seem difficult though as it’s not signposted and far from obvious how to climb up. Between the campsite entrances for Camping El Far and Camping Bonavista is a road which doesn’t seem to go anywhere. If you are driving you can park in the ample car park there and walk up the short track to the lighthouse. It is signposted from the base of the track. It is not a difficult climb and the path is well made. It should take you ten minutes at most.

Calella Lighthouse

At the top, the lighthouse gazes over the Costa del Maresme. Inside the lighthouse is a very informative interpretation centre. There you can learn all about the history of lighthouses on the coast of this part of Spain from the era of pirates through till the last lighthouse keeper just a couple of decades ago. Once again everything is in English and it is quite well written. It’s such a shame though that it is closed between 1 November and 31 March as the winter sunseekers are missing out on a treat.

Telegraphic Towers

Everyone has heard of lighthouses, but what about telegraphic towers? After learning all about this ingenious method of communication from a time before the telephone had been invented, you can climb up to a couple of crumbling towers on a hill which towers above the lighthouse. It’s not difficult to find the path but some erosion due to the rain has led to a diversion being set up and marked on the road. From the top the views are simply breathtaking. It soon becomes clear how it was possible to send messages from tower to tower along the coast of Spain.

Calella Coast

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