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Lovely Lerma

Sometimes when you are driving in Spain you spot an interesting looking place up on a hill by the side of the motorway. With a bit of luck you will have enough time to stop off and have a look. Calling in at Lerma was a good decision.


We parked up near the central parador and wandered through the cobbled streets. It’s such a shame that parking is allowed on the big central plaza though as it rather spoils the view. Every corner brought spectacular views with stone built houses and churches. The Casa Consistorial was open so we popped our heads in. Another good move as in there we learned that Salta, our home for our final year in Argentina, was founded by the Duke of Lerma. What a small world we live in! There were also a whole host of photographs on display, worthy winners of a recent competition.

Lerma Church

With neither plans nor ideas of what to do, we just walked around. The views over the local countryside were breathtaking and we did a small circuit of the old town. If you are passing by, we really recommend you do the same. It was lunchtime so we ordered some calamari, salad and patatas bravas to eat in the square. It was lovely, the food AND the weather. The tranquility was disturbed when some idiot decided she would drive through the square rather than go around it . That meant moving tables and chairs out of the way much to everyone’s disgust. The owners of both the affected restaurants came out to have a go at her to no avail! No-one died though and soon the tranquility returned.

Calamari and Salad

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