Great Greek in Torrevieja

Great Greek by name and very much great Greek food by nature. Yes, I know we live in Spain and love our Spanish food, but it is always nice to try something else you really like and to find it exceeds expectations. Great Greek in Torrevieja is one such place.

Sat out on the terrace, beautifully decorated in dazzling blue and white, take your time perusing the menu. There’s everything there you would expect from a Greek restaurant (with the exception of moussaka – surely an oversight!) and the well informed staff will give you any help you might need.

We chose some dolmades to start with. These traditional stuffed vine leaves were a delight to the taste buds and a portion was just enough to share.

For our main courses we chose a gyros stew and a chicken souvlaki. Now we know something about Greek food from a previous life, and these two dishes were as authentic as you are likely to get in Spain. Indeed, they were so good that we wondered if all of the ingredients had come from the Hellenic world rather than being local Iberian goods. Wherever they came from, we were more than satisfied.

So, if you’ve got a hankering for halloumi or a craving for some classic Greek dishes, you know where to go!

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