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Er Boqueron – Salt Water Beer!

Er Boqueron is a revelation! Of all the craft Spanish beers which are being brewed, this is by far my personal favourite. The craft beer industry in Valencia is booming right now, and other parts of the country are following suit.

So, what makes it so special? Well it’s hard to say exactly. I just find it a particularly refreshing beer. Many of my friends have asked the obvious question – “Does it taste salty?” The answer is a resounding no, but I presume it is the fact that it is brewed with salt water that gives it a crisp freshness which other craft beers just can’t compete with.

The salt water ensures that as well as a great beer, you are getting a healthy dose of minerals. Some even claim this results in no hangover whatsoever, but I’m sure if you drink enough…! Those who are physically active may want to think about this too, as the electrolyte content re-hydrates your body better than some sports drinks – well, possibly!!

So, where can you go to sample this delightful beer? Well, in Spain you’ll find it in the supermarket section of some Corte Ingles department stores. If you’re lucky you’ll find it on offer with 50% off a second bottle. That’s when I stock up!! Of course, many bars, especially in the Valencia area, have it on sale too. If you are in the UK it is gradually making inroads into the market thanks to Paddy at The Spanish Thyme Traveller without whom I would not have known about this beer! There are bars in London serving Er Boqueron and just recently a Spanish bar has opened in Cardiff. Hopefully Curado can make a big impact on the city.

La Socarrada, who make Er Boqueron, are based in Xativa, not far from the city of Valencia. Their innovation in beer making has produced some delicious brews alongside my favourite. Toro is aged in sherry barrels and has a unique flavour with a slight sweetness to it. La Socarrada itself has a subtle hint of rosemary and honey which I really didn’t think I would like – but I do!

So, forget about San Miguel when you come to Spain. Ask for a craft beer instead. You’ll be surprised at just how good they are.

2 thoughts on “Er Boqueron – Salt Water Beer!

  1. Tina Weymann


    I’ve just come across your blog – thank you! I am in the process of buying a lovely townhouse in the village of Salem (Valencia) and while visiting there a few days ago tried Er Boquerón’s beer with sea water. As a long-time beer aficionado (I am from the U.S.), I commend your observations about the “mineral” quality of this beer and how refreshing it is. Without going into chemistry – as if I possibly could, with any credibility! – I will say that salt brings out certain qualities in a beer, particularly in enhancing the hop profile and adding “dimensionality.” I learned at a shockingly young age that adding a few grains of ordinary table salt to an ordinary American “pilsner” rendered the beer almost palatable.

    Thanks again for your blog – however, I am having difficulty registering for updates. Any advice on that?

    Tina Weymann (Rochester, NY)

    1. anythingbutpaella Post author

      Hi Tina. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you’re a fan of Er Boquerón too! What happened when you tried to sign up? I tried this morning using a dummy email address and it worked ok.

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