Coastal walk from Alcudia to Can Picafort

Not exactly off the beaten track, but the coastal walk from Alcudia to Can Picafort is definitely worth it if you are looking for a long stretch of the legs when on holiday on the island of Mallorca. You’ll certainly see some sights, and with an easy bus journey back to the start you needn’t fear getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

With the odd diversion to see some interesting works of art, this walk came in at 18km. You’ll need plenty of water as it’s pretty hot at times and shade is generally at a premium. Some of it is along well established paths, some of it a little less so, and other sections are alongside the main road or on the beach itself. You can plan your walk properly on Strava.

The first section is easy. Starting at Alcudia Port you just simply follow the beachside path for a few kilometres. It was interesting to note that bicycles are prohibited, but don’t let that fool you into believing there won’t be any in your way. The golden sands are certainly attractive, but when you are out for a lovely walk they can be a bit distracting!

At around 3km you are forced to leave the seafront behind. Our route took us alongside the canals of the Venice apartments; appropriately named but there was a bit of a funny smell around! We then followed the lake of l’Estany Gran for a couple more clicks before making our way back to the main road. Canoe teams were racing on the lake but we didn’t see anywhere for you to hire a boat and join in the fun. There are several tracks leading back to the main road, but if you follow our route you will eventually go along some overgrown areas past some rather less salubrious areas. It never felt too unsafe but keep your wits about you just in case.

Back on the main road we headed down to the beach to see if there was a track we could follow. Sadly it just wasn’t possible which meant a 2.5km slog alongside the traffic. There were footpaths and it wasn’t too bad but we were more than happy to cross the river then find we could continue on the sand for a couple of kilometres.

Back at the main road we feared that we would be walking on the hard shoulder for the next two kilometres but a path was hidden away behind the line of trees. It was hot and sticky with the trees preventing even a breath of fresh air from cooling us down. That path led us to the entrance to Can Picafort where we made our way to the promenade.

The promenade area was busy with tourists, but once we got to the marina area and beyond it was much better. There are a fair few murals around but the highlight has to be the collection of sculptures by Mallorca’s own Joan Bennassar. These stone goddesses stand on the shore and in the sea to welcome visitors year after year. An incredible collection, I’m sure you’ll agree. These sculptures are apparently part of a wider cultural programme named “Can Picafort, la nueva Itaca del Mediterrani” (Can Picafort, the Mediterranean’s new Ithaca). This is in reference to the Greek island which draws connections with Homer’s Odyssey. The project aims at creating a sense of awe in visitors to Can Picafort, similar to what Ulysses felt when arriving at Ithaca.

Exhausted from our efforts, we found a nice spot for a late lunch before getting the bus back to Port d’Alcudia for a much needed siesta!

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