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The Catalonia Railway Museum

The Catalonia Railway Museum can be found in the town of Vilanova i la Geltru, just down the road from Sitges. If the name sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve read the post about the curious statue of Pasifae and the bull on the beach there.

Catalonia Railway Museum

Walking through the entrance the museum can seem a little disappointing. It comes across as small and poorly lit, but as you venture deeper in you will find so much to see and do. Kids are well catered for with some interactive displays, movie theatres showing train films, and train cartoons on big TVs.


The main attraction isn’t inside the museum but outside in the old engineering yard. Located within the water tower you can see an interesting timeline about the history of the railways in Spain, then out in the yard there is the biggest collection of steam trains, plus diesel and electric trains, that I have ever seen.


One notable train which you must look for is “La Mataró”. It was the first train in Spain and it ran between Barcelona and Mataró way back in 1848. A genuine piece of railway history.


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  1. Jason S

    Hello, I’m planning on creating a YouTube video on the (general) history of trains and railroads around the world, and was wondering if I had permission to use the image of the Barcelona-Mataro railroad (1848) in the video. I promise to give full source credit at the end of the video. Thank you very much.

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