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A Bird’s Eye View of Orihuela

It’s not too difficult to get a bird’s eye view of Orihuela. In fact, if you drive up to the Seminario, you don’t even have to walk!

Orihuela Seminario

But, for the more energetic, you can walk up there, and then continue much higher to the abandoned castle which stands on the edge of the hill (or is it a mountain?). There are two walking routes up to the Seminario: you can go direct from the city centre up the serpentine track which starts alongside the road, or you can find the moorish tiled fountain on Calle Francisco Die and climb up the steps from there. I think the latter is a much better option for getting some lovely views.

Moorish Fountain

Once you reach the Seminario, go round the back to the car park and head further uphill. There is a footpath signposted, but once you get to a terrace with a view, head straight up instead of along the footpath. That won’t take you where you want to go! Look on the ground for yellow arrows which point the way. There weren’t any for the first part of the climb but once you see them, you can’t go wrong.

Yellow Signs

Once you head towards the castle remains there are several different routes and all will take you to the ruins. From there you can really appreciate the views over the city of Orihuela, the nearby Palmera, the expansive green fields of Vega Baja, and the surrounding mountains. If the sun is kind to you, the colours are amazing.

The View

It’s not an easy climb, but it is far from difficult. Needless to say, stick to the paths. there seem to be several short cuts but they look a little life threatening!!

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