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Bellus and Guadassequies

Sometimes you just stumble across an amazing place. There’s a lot of luck involved in rural tourism when you haven’t researched anything! On our recent trip to Llutxent we saw a huge body of water and thought it would be nice to visit. Fortunately it did not disappoint.

Our first stop was the town of Guadasséquies. We had hoped to find a pathway down to the reservoir from there but unfortunately it looks impossible to access the waters from the town. Instead we had a nice little walk around the hermitage resplendent in white with red trim. The views from there were wonderful but in all honesty, it’s not going to delay you for very long. Ermita del Cristo del Amparo was built in 1906 and on 14 August each year its statue of Christ is taken out for a procession around the local area.

We didn’t make it to the town of Bellus as we got distracted by the reservoir. The CV-612 road goes straight across the dam end of the water and it is possible to park up and walk along the edge of the road. You can’t go very far, but be sure to have a good look at the waters as you may well see some wildlife. We were lucky enough to see a couple of crested grebes dancing together, and the number of tortoises/terrapins were well into double figures.

On the other side of the dam is the Bellus Caravan Site. We parked up there and had a nice stroll alongside the river where the banks are currently being strengthened. Despite the work going on it was a very pleasant place to stretch your legs. Just be careful if water is being drained off the reservoir because the spray is rather smelly!

What is surprising about this area though is its history. The dam dates back only as far as 1995. Prior to that a “majestic thermal complex” stood on the spot. From the mid-1700s until the 1970s you could take the waters in the thermal spas or drink from bottles produced locally. Nothing remains today except the information board which is really quite a shame.

Take some good shoes for walking, and don’t forget your picnic. This area has the making of an extremely pleasant day out. If you go, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

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