Bargain! Five wines for around €10

It’s over five years since I wrote a blog entitled “Five Spanish wines for less than £10“. It has been a very well read entry and of those five wines, four are still available, which shows just how good they are. Five years is a long time though, so here to freshen up your wine rack are five excellent Spanish wines which will cost you less than €10 for the lot!


Cheap and cheerful to start with. Is this the wine with the shortest name in the world? Well, it would be hard to have a shorter name than A, wouldn’t it. Consum are selling this gem for €1.70, but a few months ago I picked up a bottle for just a Euro and I was not disappointed. It’s actually a blend of Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah grapes, and the combination is wonderful. It would be worthy of a much higher price tag, so get some soon before somebody realises!


Campo de Borja is a wine region you may not have heard of, but it produces some of my favourite wines. Don’t let the sinister looking vulture on the label put you off. Lidl may be selling this for €1.75 but it’s a delicious tipple. Valdemilanos have produced this fabulous red Garnacha for your enjoyment and at that price, it’s definitely worth the risk.

Torre Oria

Off to Mercadona for our next budget option. At €2 a bottle, this is staggeringly good. This cheeky tempranillo crianza comes from the Torre Orio bodega in the Valencian region of Utiel Requena, another wine region you may be less familiar with.

Jardinero Sauvignon

A lovely, cheap white wine from Lidl is Jardinero Sauvignon. It’s a lovely wine served chilled on the terrace and is one of a range of wines with colourful labels. This one features a rather angry looking gardener! It’s only €1.75 so what are you waiting for? Pop round to your local Lidl and stock up!!

Mezquiriz Navarra Rosé

This has been a long standing favourite rosé of ours. You may not know it but the northern region of Navarra is famous for its pink wines. The Mezquiriz red was featured in the last blog, five years ago, but this pink is an excellent choice year round. Made from grenache grapes, it’s neither too sweet nor too dry. It’s a staple buy in Lidl for just €1.95. It’s also available in the UK for £3.99!!

So, there you go. You certainly don’t have to break the bank to stock up your wine cellar in Spain. Cheers everyone. ¡Salud!

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