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Bardenas Reales – Desert or a feast of colour?

Spring is almost here, or so the almond blossom appearing on the trees would suggest. It’s been a fairly wet winter so there’s a chance that you could witness something spectacular, just as I did a couple of years ago.

Bardena Reales

The Bardena Reales National Park lies in the south of Navarre, where the region meets neighbouring Aragon. For most of the year it is a desert region and has featured heavily in films and pop videos alike, often pretending to be places like Mexico. If you can catch the visitor centre when it is actually open, it’s not a bad idea, as it can be difficult to find the right tracks.

Bardenas Reales

There are footpaths galore and the roads are not really too bad. We drove around in a Ford Fiesta and as long as you drive carefully, you’ll be ok. If you are lucky, you might even see the abandoned aircraft in the desert which now form the targets for an Air Force bombing range. Hopefully they won’t mistake YOU for a moving target!!

Bombing targets

At this time of year you may well see a transformation. After a wet winter, spring often produces a surfeit of colour on the natural canvas that leaps out before you. Just look at these photos from 2013 to see what you could be missing out on.

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Bardenas Map

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