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Aguilas Football Museum

You really do need to be a fan of football to get the most out of a visit to the Aguilas Football Museum. Luckily I really enjoyed it but I’m not sure Mrs Paella had the same level of enthusiasm! Having said that, there were some exhibits she found particularly interesting.

Aguilas Football Museum

A question for you then. What is the oldest football stadium in Spain? Well, Aguilas FC claim to hold that record, but then so do Sporting Gijon. Aguilas’ El Rubial stadium was constructed in 1913 However, there is some debate as to the accuracy of this. Some reports say it was built in 1908 and holds the record ahead of Sporting Gijon’s El Molinón. Let’s not split hairs. The museum proudly displays a picture of the ground proclaiming it the oldest in Spain!!

Aguilas Football Museum

Around the museum there are lots of artefacts to admire. There are numerous programmes, pennants and team photos all around, but perhaps the most impressive display is the official replica of the European Cup. In 1997 the museum was visited by Lorenzo Sanz, then president of Real Madrid, for its grand opening. He made a promise that were Real ever to win the European Cup again, the Aguilas museum could have the replica. Sure enough, they were crowned European champions again that season after a gap of 32 years. He stayed true to his word and the trophy sits proudly at the museum’s entrance.

The collection of balls, boots and badges was impressive. There are even displays of football related stamps and referees’ whistles to complete an eclectic collection.


Every football club worth its salt has a mascot these days. Aguilas is no exception. This lovable character hides behind a post on one side of the museum. Nearby you can make a voluntary contribution to the upkeep of the museum.

Just along the road is the stadium itself. Sadly there was no game on, nor even a training session, so it was impossible to get a closer look. Check out their fixture list before you visit if you want to make sure!


The museum is open Monday to Friday 1730-2000. The hours are somewhat restrictive but build a visit around a day in the town and its surrounding area. You won’t be disappointed, unless you REALLY hate football!

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